Lower Platte River Ice Conditions Update



With record-cold temperatures and a warming trend underway, The National Weather Service Omaha, Papio NRD, Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), United States Geologic Survey, and other agency partners, have been actively monitoring river ice conditions and coordinating a response for ice jams and potential spring flooding along the Platte River.

We will be providing updates to the media to help keep the public informed of the latest river conditions and temperature forecasts.


Ice Jam/Potential Flooding Updates:

  • There is an ongoing ice jam at Fremont located at the Highway 77 bridge and continues upstream 2-3 miles. The water levels have subsided since the ice jam formed on January 29th. For current flood advisory details visit: weather.gov/omaha
  • The Papio NRD took ice thickness measurements at the Platte River (Highway 64/Valley). The ice measured 15 inches thick, which could signify an increased potential for ice jams
  • A warming trend is underway, but doesn’t accelerate until the first week of March
  • Until then, average temperatures are near-to-above freezing, allowing gradual melting to begin
  • How fast the temperatures warm up in the coming weeks is what is being closely monitored
  • All involved agencies continue to monitor the river ice conditions and weather forecasts

Helpful Online Resources

 Below is a list of resources to help keep the public informed on the status of river conditions, weather forecasts regarding the potential threat of flooding, and ice monitoring for ice jams.

National Weather Service

For information regarding river levels, reservoir data and snow pack information on the Lower Platte and Missouri rivers, as well as weather forecasting:


Media Inquiries

 For media inquiries regarding river conditions and weather forecasts, please contact:

National Weather Service Omaha
David Pearson, Service Hydrologist, at 402-359-5732 or david.pearson@noaa.gov

For media inquiries regarding ice thickness measurements and the potential for ice blasting, please contact:

The Papio NRD
Jennifer Stauss Story, Public Relations/Education Programs Manager at 402-960-5329 or jstauss@papionrd.org