Nebraska’s high school competition focusing on the environment!

Metro Omaha Regional Envirothon Competition

The Envirothon is one of the fastest growing competitions for high school students in the nation. Students get together in groups of five and compete against other teams to prove their knowledge of wildlife, soils, forestry, water, range, and environmental policy.

The winning team of this annual contest is selected to represent the metro area at the Nebraska State Envirothon Competition in May.

No registration costs are involved in regional competitions. Grants are available to greatly reduce the cost associated with state and national competitions.

How do you rate? Here are some sample questions to test your environmental knowledge:

The smallest Nebraska raptor is

  • A) Wren
  • B) Barn Owl
  • C) American kestrel
  • D) Prairie Falcon

The materials – both mineral and organic – from which soil is formed is called

  • A) deposited materials
  • B) original material
  • C) parent material
  • D) constituent material

Contaminated groundwater can cause contamination in surface water.

True or False

How did you do?

Answers: 1.) C 2.) C 3.) True

Find more information about Envirothon and how you can get involved here:

For more information contact

Austen Hill
or 402-315-1777