Here at the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District we encourage the education of students about our natural resources, and what they can do to help preserve them.

Outdoor classrooms are the perfect spot for having your students discover our earth’s natural resources. These classrooms are located at a site on your school grounds, and they are easily accessible during school hours. Subjects of all types can be taught here, from science to math to art, to literature.

Grants and Scholarships

Grants up to $1000 are available to schools each year for outdoor classrooms and conservation learning areas at schools. Outdoor classrooms can feature plantings of prairie grasses, wildflowers, trees & shrubs, ponds, butterfly gardens, compost areas and the like.

Click a link below to apply for an Outdoor Classroom Grant

Please make sure to fill out a W-9 with your school’s information.  This form should submitted with any Outdoor Classroom Grant or Mini Classroom Grant.

For more information about Outdoor Classrooms, please contact

Kaylyn Kelley
or 402-315-1713