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In conjunction with the City of Ft. Calhoun, this rural water system was developed to address water quality problems in the area. Existing groundwater throughout most of the area had high concentrations of iron and manganese. With the financial assistance of Rural Development (USDA), grants and loans provided the necessary financing for construction of the rural water system. Thus was born Washington County Rural Water #1, which today provides water to over 560 rural households in southeast Washington County and northeast Douglas County, plus the City of Ft. Calhoun. This system commenced operation in August of 1980 and purchases treated water supplies from the Metropolitan Utilities District. Annually, about 100 million gallons of water is purchased by NRD users throughout the 35-mile distribution network.

Washington County Rural Water #1 System – Current Water Rates (effective 6/1/2013)

Base Monthly Charge $17.75*
First 10,000 gals $4.95 / per 1,000 gals.*
Next 10,000 gals $3.35 / per 1,000 gals.*
Next 30,000 gals $2.35 / per 1,000 gals.*
All Over 50,000 gals $1.83 / per 1,000 gals.*

* Plus 5 1/2% NE sales tax

Current Hookup Fees

The hookup fee (benefit unit) for each service desired shall be the greater of (a) $3,500 or (b) the total of:

  1. a pro-rata portion of the actual cost of the District of any distribution main to the point of delivery
  2. the actual cost to the District of the service main to the point of delivery
  3. the Metropolitan Utilities District capital facilities charge

A deposit for the estimated cost thereof shall be made by the applicant in cash upon submission of the application to the District (settlement to be made when water service commences).

State law requires consumers of public water supplies to survey their facilities not less than once every five years. Completing & returning this form fulfills this requirement.

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