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The Dakota County Rural Water – 2018 Water Quality Report is now available
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The Dakota County Rural Water system began operation in April of 1980 providing service to less than 300 rural households. Since that time, the system has added miles to its distribution system which today provides high quality water service to over 650 rural households in Dakota County. Over 115 miles of pipeline carries groundwater purchased from Dakota City. Delivery and pressure capability is provided by a 300,000 elevated water tower and a pump station for a 25,000 gallon standpipe. An advisory committee of ratepayers keeps the NRD Board of Directors informed of local needs. Customers read their own meters, calculate the charges and submit their payment on a monthly basis. Offices of the rural water personnel are located at the north end of the District’s Natural Resource Conservation building in Dakota City.

Fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)
Amount (Gals.)

Current Water Rates (effective May 1, 2012)

Base Monthly Charge $24.50*^
First 5,000 gals $2.05 /
per 1,000 gals.*
Next 45,000 gals $1.80 /
per 1,000 gals.*
All Over 50,000 gals $1.70 /
per 1,000 gals.*

* Plus 5 1/2% NE sales tax & 1/2% county sales tax

^ Minimum varies for services larger than 5/8 X 3/4″ meter

Current Hookup Fees

The hookup fee (benefit unit) for each service desired shall be $3,100, or the District’s actual cost of connection plus a capital facilities charge of $1,800, whichever is greater.

NOTE: 2-unit types, or greater, will be prescribed by the District when A) more than one residence, or commercial establishment, or combination thereof is located within the defined legal description of one property, B) or when the consumer requests a larger service type to accommodate a greater supply of water, C) or when the District determines that a larger meter is required to meet the expected demand of the consumer.


M-F  8 a.m.- 12 noon,   call 402-987-3402

Weekends, Evenings and Holidays:
712-259-3518 or 712-204-7751

For more information contact:

Zach Nelson, Project Manager