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For over 25 years, the Thurston County Rural Water system has been providing water service to rural households in parts of Thurston and Dakota counties. Groundwater, in a portion of western Thurston and Dakota Counties, is of poor quality to many rural residents. In 1984 the system became operational with the financial assistance of Rural Development (USDA). Subsequently, in 1993 the system expanded to western Dakota County due to high nitrate levels in the groundwater supply. An additional 50 homes were added to the system at that time. Today the system serves about 145 residences throughout its 105-mile distribution system. Since its inception, the system has been purchasing its groundwater supply from the Village of Pender. District personnel responsible for maintaining the system are located at the Natural Resource Conservation Service office in Walthill.

Thurston County Rural Water System – Current Water Rates (effective 9-1-2014) *

Base Monthly Charge $35.00
First 20,000 gals $5.50 / per 1,000 gals.*
All Over 20,000 gals $2.50 / per 1,000 gals.*

* Plus 5 1/2% NE sales tax

Current Hookup Fees

The hookup fee (benefit unit) for each service desired shall be as stated below, or the District’s actual cost of connection, whichever is greater.

Service Type Meter Size Hookup Fee
1-Unit 5/8 X 3/4″ $1,625.00
2-Unit 3/4″ $1,775.00
4-Unit 1″ $2025.00
Pasture Hookup * 5/8 X 3/4″ $1625.00

* Minimum Yearly use of 45,000 gals.


M-F  8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. call 402-444-6222

Weekends, Evenings and Holidays:
712-253-9014 or  402-750-3477

For more information contact:
Zach Nelson, Project Manager