Wetlands are a critical part of Nebraska’s ecosystems!  Wetlands provide countless benefits to both humans and wildlife- including protection for our drinking water.  Across the country we are losing wetlands to development and are quickly experiencing the negative repercussions.  These include loss of water quality, loss of habitat for wildlife, and an increase in flood potential.  Nebraska wildlife are greatly affected by loss of wetlands as all amphibians, and large numbers of mammals, birds, plants, and reptiles depend on them for habitat and/or food.  The Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District has a program in place (Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program) that assists landowners in revitalizing lost wetlands! More information on this program is available in the links below, along with other general wetland facts!






Chalco Cache Stop #2 Coordinates

  • N 41° 10.287  W 096° 09.872
  • (To enter new coordinates, scroll down on the cache menu to ‘Waypoints’.  From there, click the + on the upper right and enter the coordinates to find the next stages.  You can also enter the coordinates into Google Maps or click the link below.)
  • https://goo.gl/maps/rJCjxNVRjh4Ze8a18