This sediment pond may appear large but is currently quite shallow!  Sediment ponds serve an important purpose in helping maintain water quality.  With developments such as neighborhoods and commercial businesses, soil is often disturbed in the process.  Soil can be disturbed by simply moving the soil, or from pollutants getting into the soil.  These ponds are designed to catch sediment runoff, collecting the sediment from disturbed areas before water carries it into the main body of water. In this case, the pond collects sediment and runoff from the neighborhood, and then allows the cleaner water to continue towards the lake.  Sediment ponds do provide additional home to wildlife, in summer months look for Painted Turtles sunning themselves around this pond!  More information available on sediment ponds purposes, and how the Papio-Missouri River NRD assists in water quality, links provided below!


(If you’re looking for the final WO!W- Chalco Hills cache, look down…)