Unfortunately, sites with streambank erosion is a familiar site in eastern Nebraska.  Erosion is a natural process but can be accelerated by urban development, and loss of vegetation.  Both rural and urban environments throughout the district are affected by erosion. The Papio-Missouri River NRD places a high priority on working to keep our rivers, lakes, and streams free of harmful pollutants brought on through the process of erosion!  Check out our webpage to learn more on projects the NRD is working on to prevent erosion: https://www.papionrd.org/water-quality-supply/lakes-and-streams-water-quality/.   Additional resources are listed below!






Chalco Cache – Final Location Coordinates

  • N 41° 10.207    W 096° 10.073
  • (To enter new coordinates, scroll down on the cache menu to ‘Waypoints’.  From there, click the + on the upper right and enter the coordinates to find the next stages.  You can also enter the coordinates into Google Maps or click the link below.)
  • https://goo.gl/maps/UpkA1WHcHhMSTqgo6