Board Information

Tuesday September 12, 2023

4:04 pm

Ad-Hoc Consultant Selection Subcommittee Meeting RFP for Papio NRD Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Agenda Agenda Item 6. Contract with JEO Consulting Group Inc. for the Papio NRD Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
4:03 pm

Finance, Expenditure, & Legal Subcommittee Meeting

Agenda Agenda Item 6. Papio NRD FY2024 Tax Levy and Adoption of Budget
4:01 pm

Special Hearing - Set Final Tax Request

Special Hearing to Set Property Tax Levy for the FY2024 Budget
4:00 pm

Budget Hearing - Adoption of the Proposed FY 2024 Budget

Budget Hearing & Budget Summary - Adoption of the Proposed FY2024 Budget