Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership

A Comprehensive Approach –
                    Working Together, Finding Solutions, Making a Difference

The Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership is a group of local government agencies who have joined together to cooperatively seek out workable solutions addressing both flood prevention and storm water quality needs.

The Partnership, benefiting from much public input, has developed a plan to reduce the serious threat of flooding and improve the quality of our streams and lakes.  The mission of the Partnership is to find these solutions by establishing regionally common goals and standards for development within the Papillion Creek Watershed through 2040.

Nine local government entities make up the Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership:
the Cities of Omaha, Papillion, LaVistaBellevue, RalstonGretna, and Boys Town plus Sarpy County and the Papio-Missouri River NRD.

Partnerships Provide the Keys to Progress

The Plan for Flood Control and Water Quality

The Papillion Creek Watershed Plan was developed over an eight year period and identified the best options available in providing lake and stream water quality and flood control throughout the watershed. This process included a significant level of engineering expertise and local public participation in establishing the criteria for the Management Plan.

Six resources-based policies were adopted by the members of the Papillion Creek          Watershed Partnership and provide each community with the following goals for clean water and increased flood prevention:

–        Water Quality Improvement
–        Peak Flow Reduction
–        Landscape Preservation, Restoration and Conservation
–        Erosion and Sediment Control, other Best Management Practices
–        Floodplain Management
–        Stormwater Management Financing

A key aspect of the Papillion Creek Watershed Plan was the development of a peak flow reduction guideline consisting of regional detention facilities and other structural and non-structural best management practices. This comprehensive Watershed Management Plan contains fourteen stormwater detention basins and eleven associated water quality basins.

Washington County Area – Low Impact Development
The retention of stormwater runoff on individual development sites is being promoted for this area of the watershed.


Six of the reservoirs in the Papillion Creek Watershed Plan have been designated as Priority Projects due to increased development pressure. In 2018, preliminary design was completed for these sites in order to identify the land rights necessary for the projects and to be prepared to apply for funding opportunities as they arise.

NRD Poster
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The 2019 Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership Implementation Plan identified sites WP-1, WP-2, and WP-4 as the projects to be constructed in the 2019-2024 plan. Construction is slated to start on these reservoirs in 2023.

Conceptual Designs
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For more Information contact:

Amanda Grint
Water Resources Engineer

Lori Laster, CFM
Stormwater Management Engineer