River Access Sites: Open or Closed? Check Here!

High river flows occasionally force the Papio NRD to temporarily close the river access sites for safety purposes. Park closures for Elkhorn River sites are called for when the Elkhorn River gage at Waterloo reads a stage of 4 feet or greater. Platte River Landing will close when the gage at Leshara reads 7 feet or above.

River access ramps may need to be cleaned of silt, debris and safety inspected before reopening.

Status of Elkhorn & Platte River Access Sites:

(A) Elkhorn Crossing (intersection of 252nd & Bennington Road) – OPEN: Boat ramp for river access for tubing, etc. CLOSED: Camping and RV sites for installation of upgrades.

(B) West Maple Road (West Maple Road northeast of Waterloo) – OPEN

(C) Platte River Landing (near Highway 64) – OPEN

(D) Graske Crossing (southeast corner of West Dodge Road & west of 204th) – OPEN